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A medical research foundation devoted to the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of Tension Myositis Syndrome and other mind-body disorders. 

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Other Accomplishments to Date

(Updated January 2007)

Ongoing Research

Multi-Site Outcome Study

We have IRB (institutional review board) approval and outcome measurement tools for a multi-site TMS outcome study. The study measures pre and post-treatment pain intensity, disability, medication use, and physical and mental well-being of patients treated for TMS. Physicians around the United States are participating, but we could always use more. Physicians treating patients for TMS who are interested in participating are encouraged to contact the Foundation Coordinator at:

Brain Imaging Study

A functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) brain scan study of patients treated for TMS is in the final planning stages. SMI will be collaborating with Steve Berman, Ph.D., who will be reading the scans, and possibly others as well. The scans will be performed at the UCLA Brain Mapping Center. The goal of this study is to see if TMS has a recognizable signature in brain activity images. If it does, we would be well on our way to definitively diagnosing TMS (which is still very much a clinical diagnosis).

Randomized Clinical Trial

We have drafted a concept proposal for a truly randomized clinical trial of the TMS approach and are now seeking both funding and collaborative partners interested in implementing it. To conduct this trial, we will need a total of at least a hundred back pain patients, who have all been properly diagnosed as TMS, to have a valid sample. This, in turn, could mean that we need at least a thousand back pain patients who are initially interested. Because SMI does not treat patients, we need to work with a much larger organization, such as a medical school, HMO, or pain clinic with a very high patient volume, to provide not only the patients but also the facilities and IRB oversight. If you work in an organization of this type, and are interested in participating in this type of study, please contact the Foundation Coordinator at:


Hospital Library Book Donation Project

As strange as it may seem, physicians are typically less aware of the TMS approach than the general public. To help change this, SMI has donated TMS-oriented books and other educational materials to medical libraries of large hospitals in major U.S. metropolitan areas. Specifically, we shipped copies of Sarno’s Healing Back Pain and Schechter’s MindBody Workbook and self-help audio program to 31 libraries in 16 cities not known to be served by TMS-oriented doctors: Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Minneapolis, Miami, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland (OR), San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle. Materials were sent to one to three libraries in each city, all of which were in the largest four hospitals in each city.

Podcasts and Video Clips

To date, SMI has produced 5 podcasts and 4 YouTube® video clips on TMS diagnosis and treatment. To view them, click on "Podcasts and Video Clips" either here or in the links bar at the top of the page.



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